Tips on buying hockey gloves

Hockey gloves are important for hockey players. It is important to keep your hands protected, and the only way that you can do this is by buying hockey gloves. Buying the best field hockey gloves will protect your hands from bruises and hits when handling the hockey stick. There are different types of hockey gloves so you might have a challenging time choosing the right gloves for you. However, when buying hockey gloves, make sure that you choose the right size. Choosing the right size will make sure that you are comfortable as possible when playing in the field.

How to buy hockey gloves

Material of the gloves

Typically, there are two materials that are used for hockey gloves. Most of the hockey gloves are either made using synthetic leather or nylon. It is rare to find hockey gloves that are made using pure leather. Synthetic leather is more durable than nylon although this has a high cost implications. It offers a firm grip when holding the hockey stick. However, the nylon gloves also have their advantage. If you sweat a lot, then you need something that is breathable, and nylon gloves will offer you that.

Type of fit

Hockey gloves come in different fitting options. We have the traditional gloves, tapered gloves, and anatomical gloves. The type of fit is dependent on the comfort levels that the gloves offer. There are some players that prefer the traditional gloves because they allow the players to hold the hockey stick well. On the other hand, we have the tapered and anatomical gloves that are preferred by the stylish players.

Length of the cuff

The length of the cuffs will determine the type of gloves that you buy. Hockey players usually prefer short cuff gloves that are wrist length. The reason for this choice is simple, short cuff gloves provide space for easy movement along the wrist, and this is important when playing. On the other hand, there are still long cuff gloves that will still allow easy movement depending on the make.



Padding is also important for hockey gloves. The work of the padding is to protect you from injuries that are associated with holding the hockey stick for a long period. However, the padding should not prevent you from playing comfortably.