Services Offered By Dentists

Visits to the dentist have historically been dreaded with many people envisioning unimaginable pain. However, advancements in science and technology have made this a thing of the past with many procedures becoming less painful and invasive and taking up less time. One thing that can make a dental visit less pleasant is lacking the services you need from your dentist’s office especially when experiencing a painful ache, cavity or other condition. Knowing which of the services offered by dentists you can get from your dentist’s office or which ones you need to get access to will help make it a lot easier to get the treatment you need.

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There are a lot of services offered by dentists from preventative services to cosmetic procedures, hygiene and orthodontic services and general procedures. Preventive services include dental exams, cleanings, dental hygiene, fluoride and periodontal treatment, sealants, and oral cancer screening.

General Procedures

General dental procedures include dental implants, bridges, and crowns, oral hygiene, wisdom teeth removal; root canal also called endodontics, mouth guards that can be custom-fitted, CAD or CAM and TMJ treatments while cosmetic procedures include bonding, lumineers, veneers, teeth whitening, white fillings and smile makeovers. There are also some restorative procedures such as restorations both inlay and on-lay and dentures that are offered in some offices.

Special Procedures

Specialists only provide specialized services such as orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery and maxillofacial and jaw diseases, and it would be prudent to call ahead of time and inquire from your dentist especially as you might need a referral.

Dental Service Preparation

kkdkkskakkakakPreparing for a dental visit will save you a lot of trouble and pain. Call ahead of time and inquire which of the services offered by dentists you can get at your dentist’s office. When choosing a personal or family dentist, you should also inquire whether they provide emergency services both during office hours and out of hours as well as payment options, so you do not get any nasty surprises.

Dental services run the gamut from simple examinations or periodontal treatments such as scaling or polishing teeth to more complex issues that may require surgery such as surgical extractions. According to bluffs family dentistry knowing which ones you can access from your dentist of choice and what other services you can get such as recalled attendances or domiciliary visits if needed can influence your choice of dentist. Getting a list of these services ahead of time will go a long way in making your dental visits a lot more comfortable.