Weird Makeup For Women That Will Leave You Aghast

Women are naturally beautiful. However, that does not keep them away from wanting more of the beauty cup. The will use any expense; bear with any pain; and all that for a beauty cause. Sometimes you will wonder how this or that could be done in the name of beauty. But it is what it is: women with beauty are like a drinking club that knows no limit for the bottles.

Some of the weird beauty practices for women

Make up laden with poison

This one was for yester years when women could wear potions and lotions filled with lead and mercury. They were dying slowly, and all they could see is the beauty. It will shock you to know that some of the women opted to die but achieve all that they wanted in beauty. That is quite a high level of madness willing to die just because you want to be beautiful, don’t you think so?tyhfdrge

Anal bleaching

Even the mention of this is scaring, surely this is one of the weird beauty practices for women that ladies who want to take their beauty a notch higher. Anal bleaching used to be a beauty practice common with porn stars, but it has found its way into the mainstream. Celebrities have brought it to the wider world, and now women (and men) are flocking into cosmetic joints to “burn” their bums into a lighter complexion. It is like a crazy world of beauty as everyone is going with whatever floats his or her boat.

Toes joining the plastic surgery list

Face, boobs and a few other body parts have been members of the plastic surgery class. However, you do not expect your toe to become a member any time and forever. But you are wrong with that declaration. For latest shoes that seem not to fit women just because this or that toe is big or a bad shape, plastic surgery will take care of it. And right after the shoe fits as if it was made for that specific feet. It is beauty at the peak of the mad mountain.

Creating vampire facial

werthfdfseThere are facial masks that could make her look just like a vampire, but for women, they will have none of it. They are now smearing their blood all over their face. A good example is Kim Kardashian who has gotten into the practice of having her entire face smeared in real blood. She looks like a real vampire who just had a meal out of human blood. The fury and vengeance are all on her face ready to devour another human enemy. That is not only scaring but also bridging the gap between human and vampires. If it could come to this, anything will be possible for women and their beauty.

At this gear, women will kill as long as that means they can have the beauty they want. From venom to anal bleaching, what else will they not do to be in the first lane of beauty? Be ready to witness weird beauty practices from women as the 22nd-century approaches. In the coming years, what is coming may be thrilling so stay tuned?